Product Design

  • We turn your ideas into designs with Solidworks.

    With over 50 years of experience to help you perfect and refine your idea and using the latest engineering design software we can take your ideas and turn them into reality. One customer showed us a bent metal U shaped tube to hold a camera. From this we designed the Scorpion as seen at Here rubber was over molded onto an ABS frame creating a comfortable non-slip grip.

    While working on your design we can communicate the design not only using standard drawings, but also with JPG files, pdfs and e-drawings to keep you aprised of our progress and the latest developments.

    We go the extra mile.

    One customer wanted us to design a special aquarium for reptiles. The tanks needed to stack and provide adequate airflow. Additionally, the tanks needed to ship broken down for assembly after purchase. We designed the Visionarium as seen at Our design stacked with sliding glass doors in front and vented corner posts for maximum air circulation. As an extra, we provided the “Assembly Instruction” sheet shown above using our product design files.

    We solve problems.

    One customer brought us a circuit board that he wanted a case to enclose along with a mounting bracket that could be either screwed to metal or double sided taped to glass. Also, when the unit was removed from the mounting bracket he wanted the mounting bracket to retain the power cord. We scanned in the circuit board and designed the case around the PCB, then we designed the mounting bracket around the case.

    The finished product Trackstick Pro can be seen at When we are done designing your part we use Cosmosmotion and Cosmosworks to run some analysis to test the strength and functionality of the part and to optimize it before making a prototype. After the design is done we go to prototypes.